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Black pepper also known as the King of spices or Black gold is the dried berry of a flowering vine called piper nigrum of the Piperaceae family. Pepper is considered originated in Malabar, a tropical region of the Kerala state in India. Black pepper grows in extremely hot and humid climates. The plant vines can reach up to 15 feet (4.6 m) long.

Spirally arranged small spike-like white or white pale yellow flowers appear on maturity in summer, before setting fruits. The fruit is round in shape, green in colour, changing to red on ripening. The fruit is called a drupe, berry or pepper­corns. It is single seeded. Depend­ing on harvest time and pro­cessing, pepper­corns can be black, white, green, or red. Green pepper are the unripe drupes. Whereas black pepper is produced  by drying of the still-green, unripe drupes. White peppercorns are black pepper without the skin and red peppercorns are the fully ripened berries.

Health Benefits

Improves Digestion
Prevents Cancer
Lowers Blood Pressure
Promotes Weight Loss
Relieves Cold And Cough
Fights Infections
Has Antioxidant Benefits
Improves Oral Health

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